Why Does My TPMS Light Illuminate?

Many newer vehicles have something called a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which makes sure that your tires are inflated properly to prevent blowouts and accidents. While you should pay attention to when the warning light comes on, it doesn't always mean that your tires don't have the correct pressure.

If it's cold outside, either near or below freezing, and your light comes on as soon as you start your vehicle, it's usually nothing to worry about. The system can't detect the proper pressure on cold tires, so it needs a few moments to warm up. If the light doesn't turn off, then you have a problem.

The TPMS warning light will illuminate whenever pressure falls by more than 25 percent in one or more of your tires. If it flickers on and off while driving, you could be dealing with fluctuating temperatures that affect tire pressure.



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