Can You Drive on Winter Tires in the Summer?

The prospect of spending an afternoon waiting for tires to be changed and the expense of doing so might tend to dissuade drivers from switching their winter set for the summer version, but there are actually valid reasons not to drive on winter tires in the off-season.

Not many people think about the chemical composition of their tires, but they are formulated according to the expected temperature for their use. Winter tires need to be flexible at low temperatures, so they're purposely softer than their summer counterparts. Using a winter tire on hot pavement makes it wear out faster and can also result in sluggish response times, as they are stickier on pavement than the stiffer rubber of summer tires.

If you have studded winter tires, many states have a law prohibiting their use in the off-season because the metal studs wear down asphalt far more quickly than regular rubber tires. You could even be fined if you're pulled over with studded tires in the summer.



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