The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an iconic, capable, and popular sports utility vehicle. The capabilities of this vehicle are revealed in its specially built motor and powertrain systems as well as its racing inspired brake system. Both systems are optimized to provide drivers and passengers with sports car-like driving experiences.

Jeep Grand Cherokees offer drivers their choices of two motor sizes. These motor sizes include 6.8L, V8 engines as well as smaller but no less peppy 6.2L, supercharged V8 engines. The supercharged version uses special cool air intakes and other technologies to drastically boost engine power. This results in concrete ripping torque as well as an output of some 700+ horsepower.

It takes a lot of power to get that much size and weight moving, and it takes just as much force to bring this vehicle to a safe stop. Luckily, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk version as well as the SRT model bring high-performance Brembo brakes to the table. Brembo brakes are designed to provide exceptional stopping power while efficiently dissipating heat. This style of brakes comes equipped with 38-centimeter rotors with either slots or vents to control heat as well as front calipers that features 6 separate pistons.



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