Importance of Winter Tires

Three winter tires covered in showers of freezing rain

Why Are Winter Tires So Important? 

People often rush to their nearby car service station every winter to swap summer tires with winter ones. Many rely on all-season tires to get through the winter season, but that’s not ideal because each seasonal tire is built to fulfill different purposes. From rubber compound, size, sipes to treads and grooves, all these tires embrace unique features, which add to their performance and durability. If you wonder why switching tires during winter is important, read the Fraser Chrysler dealership blog to find out. 

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Reasons That Make Swapping to Winter Tires Significant  

In winters, you need more traction and stability to drive smoothly and easily on challenging roads covered with snow, slush, rain and ice, which is why you need sturdy and long-lasting winter tires. Following are a few other reasons that speak for the importance of winter tires:

  • Winter tires have a soft rubber compound that offers maximum flexibility even when the temperature drops below the freezing point, providing maximum control and ease of handling to the driver. 
  • With distinctive tread patterns and broader grooves, winter tires ensure more traction and balance to drive easily through snowy, sloppy, muddy roads. 
  • The deep sipes are slit into the tire treads, which cut through ice water and slush to improve grip while avoiding hydroplaning.
  • Due to constant slushy situations in winters, the chances of drifting away from your lane are higher, which is why you need winter tires, as they stop up three times faster than summer or all-season tires.

Visit Fraser Chrysler Tire Store 

There are multiple things that you should keep at the top of your mind while changing winter tires, which include 

  • Installing the right and only the matching set of four winter tires
  • Be mindful of the tire pressure to ensure maximum traction and durability
  • Keep a check on inflation pressure because air contracts in freezing temperatures
  • Make sure to keep all valve caps on to avoid moisture from getting inside the valve

If you’re unsure how to change or install winter tires, take help from professional and trained technicians at the Fraser Chrysler dealership. Our tire store embraces a comprehensive inventory of different tires, wheels and packages to help you choose the one that’s right for your vehicle.