Brake Service at Fraser Chrysler

Factory-Certified Brake Service in Oshawa, ON

As an informed and proactive vehicle owner, it pays to be knowledgeable about your vehicle’s necessary maintenance services. A vehicle brake service is an important aspect of routine vehicle maintenance as it ensures that your car is able to safely and reliably come to a full stop when necessary. Here at Fraser Durham Chrysler, we are proud to offer factory-certified brake service to our valued clients. Our knowledgeable technicians are well-equipped to take the utmost care of your vehicle to ensure that its brake system is in peak working order. Continue reading below to learn more about the factory-certified brake service that we offer right here at Fraser Durham Chrysler

What is a Brake Service?

An automotive brake service is a maintenance procedure that involves inspecting, repairing, or replacing the various components of a vehicle’s braking system. The goal of brake service is to ensure that a vehicle’s braking system is functioning correctly and is able to provide reliable stopping power when required.

By bringing your vehicle to our service center for a brake service, you can trust that one of our factory-trained mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines to make sure they are in good condition and free from any damage or wear. They will also inspect the brake fluid level and quality and adjust the brake system as necessary.

Why Do I Need to Service My Brakes?

Regularly performing brake services on your vehicle is essential for handful of reasons:

  • Safety: The main reason to service your car’s brakes is safety. Faulty or worn brakes can cause accidents and lead to serious injuries or fatalities. By regularly servicing your brakes, you can ensure that your car is equipped with reliable and effective braking power.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular brake service can help prevent expensive repairs down the road. By catching and addressing any issues early on, you can avoid more significant and costly repairs in the future.
  • Extend Brake Life: Regular brake service can also help extend the life of your car’s brakes. By replacing worn brake pads, rotors, or calipers, you can ensure that your brakes are working as they should, which can reduce the likelihood of damage to other brake components.

Optimal Performance: Regular brake service can help maintain the optimal performance of your brakes. This means that your brakes will work as efficiently as possible, allowing you to stop your car more quickly and easily. This can be especially important in emergency situations.

How Can I Tell If My Brake Needs Servicing?

If you notice any signs of brake problems, such as squeaking or grinding noises, vibrations or pulsations when braking, or a longer than usual stopping distance, you should have your brakes inspected as soon as possible, regardless of the mileage or time since your last brake service. Additionally, if you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, drive in hilly or mountainous areas, or tow heavy loads with your vehicle, you may need to have your brakes serviced more frequently.

How Often Do I Need to Service My Brakes?

Performing regular brake services to your vehicle is important for its continued reliability and more importantly, for safety of you and your passengers. Proactively performing brake services can help prevent costly repairs or accidents caused by brake failure. The frequency at which you need to service your car’s brakes will depend on several factors, including your driving habits, the specific make and model of your car, and the conditions in which you typically drive. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you have your brakes inspected and serviced at least once a year or every 20,000 km, whichever comes first. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your specific make and model’s recommended brake service intervals, or feel free to speak with one of our knowledgeable service advisors.

Interested in bringing your vehicle in for a brake service? Fill out the form below, or give us a call directly to book your service appointment. Fraser Durham Chrysler is your go-to vehicle service and maintenance shop in Oshawa, Ontario. Our highly skilled technicians are here to take care of your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or off-make vehicle. We look forward to serving you, and having your vehicle back on the road in peak operating condition.