Winter Tire Safety

What Do You Know About Winter Tire Safety?


What Do You Know About Winter Tire Safety?

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Why Winter Tires?

Safe driving during winter primarily involves the tires. They are the only parts of the car that touch the road. Extreme low temperatures stiffen tread rubber, thus compromising traction. As you know, without proper traction on a slick surface, starting a vehicle is difficult. Stopping is worse. Therefore, winter tires are not just convenient; they could save a life!

Winter tires specifically are designed to conquer snow. The tires soften when exposed to low temperatures, which blends in with ice on roads and the snow's texture. Furthermore, the tires are more extensive and broader to reduce moisture content at the point of contact with the road. Also, larger treads allow better grip into the snow by kicking ice behind as the tires rotate.

Winter Tires vs. All-season Tires

Your car probably has all-season tires. It is for all the right reasons, convenience, and year-round performance. However, the tires compromise on winter performance capabilities. All-season tires cannot handle ice driving and trekking on snow, among other extreme winter conditions. All-season tires may be appropriate for people living in moderate climates.

If you experience extreme cold and ice, you should contact us for winter tires. The engineering of winter tires handles heavy snowfall, black ice, and any extreme conditions during winter. Besides the flexibility of tread rubber, winter tires have deep tread depths that reduce snow buildup. The unique design also breaks snow and splashes water. Numerous tiny slits on performance snow tires help in enhancing traction.

It won't be a big deal to change your tires. After a smooth drive experience on black ice, you will realize the adjustment was worth it. Remember, winter tire safety is primary to avoiding accidents and saving lives in freezing weather!

We stock the best tires that include a sponge-like compound to remove any water residing on ice. Our experts ensure zero slippage of the tires, which gives you full control of the vehicle.

Even with performance snow tires on all four wheels, we still insist on basic safety rules on the road. Make sure tire pressure is at the recommended level and apply brakes slowly. Because of climate variations, the features of winter tires vary.

Be sure to contact us and schedule a service appointment for a useful guide on the right winter tires to purchase.