Benefits of Choosing a Dealership for your Vehicle Repairs

One of the main aspects of vehicle ownership is that of routine maintenance and inevitable repairs. As your vehicle ages, normal wear and tear on its vital internal components, as well as exterior body panels are to be expected. Owners have several options when deciding where to take their vehicle in for routine maintenance services like oil changes and tire swaps, or for larger repairs such as fixing a faulty A/C condenser or replacing a vehicle’s rusted exhaust system. Owners have the option to take their vehicle to an independently owned mechanic shop, a franchised chain mechanic brand such as NAPA, Midas or Carstar, or back to their dealership’s service center. All three options come with their benefits and potential downsides but for customers looking to ensure manufacturer-certified service and genuine parts used on their vehicle’s, bringing it back to the dealership for service is always the best option. Continue reading below as our team at Fraser Chrysler has compiled a handful of benefits that come from repairing and servicing your vehicle at a dealership.


Warranty Coverage on Service Provided

Most service departments at franchise dealerships offer a warranty on the specific service or repair done to your vehicle for a certain period of time after the service has been performed. Drive away with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s repair is covered in case anything goes wrong after you leave the dealership.

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection & Full Vehicle History Report

Servicing your vehicle at a dealership allows you to access your vehicle’s full service history. Bringing your vehicle back to its brand name dealership ensures that the professionals working on your vehicle are aware of previous repairs and things to keep in mind prior to servicing the vehicle. Most dealership service departments also perform multi-point inspections of your vehicle during the service, allowing you to know more about other potential issues that may arise down the road if left unchecked.


Manufacturer-Certified Technicians that Provide Quality Service

The automotive technicians who work at dealerships receive routine specialized training from their respective manufacturers before being able to perform vehicle services and repairs. Rest assured that by bringing your vehicle to a dealership, your vehicle is receiving factory-certified service from knowledgeable and well-trained professionals.

Genuine Manufacturer-Approved Parts

As dealerships carry and have easy access to genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories, expect that your vehicle’s service or repair conducted at a dealership will be performed using genuine parts and accessories. OEM parts are designed and manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer themselves and are engineered to properly fit and function when installed.


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