Tips for Buying a Used Car


Tips For Buying A Used Car

A personal vehicle is almost essential for daily life here in Ontario. From the cold winters, to unreliability of public transit, a personal vehicle is the most dependable and safe mode of transportation for your daily life. To avoid the high costs of newer vehicles, many buyers look to the secondary market for their next vehicle, as used vehicles are found at a lower price point but maintain the reliability you need.

Pre-owned vehicles like the ones found at Fraser Chrysler are equipped with the latest advanced technologies and closely resemble newer models. Read on to learn more about some key things you need to know when shopping for a used vehicle.

Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle in Oshawa, Ontario

Research Your Desired Vehicle

Do your own research when considering which type of vehicle is right for you. Consider all the important factors that impact your lifestyle, like size, fuel economy, seats, and other features that you believe are important to consider. This is an important first step in any vehicle buying process.

Inspect the Vehicle

Once you've found the vehicle you're interested in, be sure to inspect the car, truck, or SUV for mechanical and cosmetic defects. If buying from an independent party, be sure to take it to a licensed mechanic that can inspect the mechanical condition and reliability of the vehicle, and identify wear, tear, and any needed repairs. Fortunately, when you shop at Fraser Chrysler, our used vehicle inventory has already undergone rigorous inspections, and have had any repairs needed already completed by the time it hits our lot.

Test Drive

As always, be sure to test drive the vehicle, even after it's passed any inspection. Make sure you're comfortable behind the controls, and that the vehicle is comfortable and handles to your liking. The test drive also allows you to try out multiple vehicles, at Fraser Chrysler we have several brands and models you can choose from to familiarize yourself with our various FCA brands.

Ask for a History Report

At Fraser Chrysler, we already provide you with all the vehicle history information, but be sure to request this if you aren't shopping from us! Vehicle history can show prior accidents, repair work, and help you make an overall assessment of any potential risk in your purchase.

Stick to Your Budget

When buying a used vehicle, always go for a model that you can afford. Also consider the age of the vehicle, and consider long-term ownership costs, including potential repairs down the road. At Fraser Chrysler, we offer used models for all budgets, and all our used vehicles have had any necessary mechanical work completed so that you can get reliable mileage out of them for the long-term.

As previously mentioned, you need to have the vehicle inspected by a certified professional. A trained mechanic or technician can help identify any underlying issues with the car. Inspection can help save you a lot of time and resources, especially when you buy your vehicle from a used car dealership. The experts here at Fraser Chrysler are more than happy to provide vehicle inspection services for a used vehicle you're considering, even if it's not from our inventory!

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